Eşarj to become the largest company in the sector by investing heavily in the Turkish economy
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  • Eşarj to become the largest company in the sector by investing heavily in the Turkish economy

Eşarj to become the largest company in the sector by investing heavily in the Turkish economy

Temmuz 6, 2022 12:40
Eşarj to become the largest company in the sector by investing heavily in the Turkish economy



Eşarj was awarded the right to install 495 fast charging stations in 53 provinces as part of the "Fast Charging Stations for EVs Program", which was initiated to establish the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles in Turkey. 


With 94 percent of its shares owned by Enerjisa Enerji, Eşarj will invest approximately TL 300 million in the station network. Thanks to new investments, Eşarj will have the largest and fastest EV charging station network in Turkey in terms of installed capacity.


Eşarj, the first and fastest electric charging station network in Turkey, has the goal to include 495 fast charging stations to its existing charging station network all over Turkey by investing TL 300 million as part of the Fast-Charging Stations for EVs Program, which aims to increase the popularity of EVs in Turkey and encourage fast charging station investments.


Eşarj, of which Enerjisa Enerji acquired the majority shares of in 2018 with the goal for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future, has been the first player in Turkey to provide charging operator service since 2009. Operating with 496 charging stations, 258 of which are fast charging stations, in 269 locations in Turkey, Eşarj will become the leader of the sector as it has the first and fastest electric vehicle station network in Turkey.  The charging station investments is expected to prevent the emission of 598 million kg of CO2 by the end of 2030, with a total of 418 million kWh additional electricity sales and charging processes. This figure will prevent the generation of CO2 emission that can be cleaned by 37 million trees.  


We will be the playmaker of EV ecosystem in Turkey.

Murat Pınar, Chairman of Board of Directors of Eşarj and CEO of Enerjisa Enerji, stated: “As the hazards of global climate change become more apparent, expectations from investors, consumers and lawmakers are increasing from companies for transition to net-zero emissions. As the leading and largest electricity distribution and retail company in Turkey, we respond all of these developments with a proactive approach and implement various projects and investments. Eşarj, with its first and fastest charging station for EVs in Turkey, is one of our most valuable investments as a reflection of our confidence in the future of our country. We are proud of ourselves as we were the first company with a vision to invest in e-mobility sector in Turkey; and I would like to underline that we will support the infrastructure investments of our country in every field to make Eşarj a company that achieves the firsts in the sector. 


In 2030, the market share of EV sales is expected to reach 35 percent, the EV park is expected to reach 2.5 million, and the number of publicly available charging sockets is expected to increase up to 250,000 in Turkey, according to the Mobility Vehicles and Technologies Strategic Goals and Roadmap Draft. At Eşarj, when we come to 2030, we put all our efforts to be pioneering in the steps taken for the benefit of not only the ecosystem of Turkish EV Charging Stations, but also the ecosystem of the world, and to be listed among the playmaker companies in the ecosystem. With the investments, we assert our claim for the EV ecosystem in Turkey. With the announced results of the program launched by the Ministry, we will bring together our fast-charging stations as well as our stations that serve an efficient, safe, technology-oriented and sustainable future with EV drivers at several points in a very short time.” Century-old automobile culture changingThe dynamics of the industry and the century-old automobile culture are going through a major change with the advent of electric vehicles. The change requires close planning, coordination and cooperation between electric vehicles and the automotive and energy sectors. Electric vehicle (EV) fleets are growing rapidly in most of the largest vehicle markets worldwide, according to the 2021 Global Electric Vehicle Outlook Report. Nearly 3 million EVs have been sold worldwide (4.6 sales share), with Europe surpassing the People's Republic of China, the world's largest EV market, for the first time. Current global policies reveal a healthy growth in the past decade: Significant investments are required for EVs to reach their full potential in reducing carbon emissions, low-carbon growth in electricity generation, integrating EVs into power systems, building charging infrastructure, and advancing sustainable battery production and recycling. According to JATO Dynamics, which conducts researches in global automotive data and market trends, the number of EVs and hybrid vehicles sold in Europe during the last August exceeded the number of diesel vehicles sold for the first time.  

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